To the Editor:

I taught at a Catholic High School in San Diego, Calif., for many years. The school was led by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, France.

The first year I taught there was 1994-95, and I was immediately impressed with the school leadership and their emphasis on and commitment to peace, justice and service to others. I experienced community at this school and a sense of belonging.

For many years the school community started each day with an ecumenical prayer. 

It resonated with me that they did not feel compelled to recite a doctrinal prayer such as the “Our Father” or “Hail Mary.” 

This non-denominational prayer, sometimes known as the “World Peace Prayer,” had great meaning for many of us as we sought guidance that would, “Lead us from death to life, from falsehood to truth; lead us from despair to hope, from fear to trust; lead us from hate to love, from war to peace.” I recite this prayer more and more these days and it comforts me.

I am distressed that our current president embodies the opposite of this prayer’s message. 

He seeks to lead us from life to death, from truth to falsehood, from hope to despair, from trust to fear, from love to hate, from peace to war.


Mary Doherty


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