To the Editor:

Sen. Berthel, you have no shame. You are willing to go to court to force seniors and those with underlying health conditions to vote in person at risk to their well-being. This demonstrates how little you care for the safety of our most vulnerable citizens.

The Secretary of the State’s plan to allow more people to vote safely using absentee ballots protects the integrity of our election. More importantly, it protects the health of our voters and our poll workers alike. After all, it is mostly seniors who volunteer to staff our polling places.

Based on what happened in the state of Georgia, we know what your intentions are concerning voting. It is to make the most vulnerable choose between their health and casting their vote. It will disrupt the election process.

At added risk, personal health and safety and economic health are not mutually exclusive. Connecticut is now among the lowest states for transmission of Covid-19 thanks to early intervention and good, Democratic leadership from Gov. Lamont. As a result of taking sound precautions, the governor has found a way to secure the health of our communities while reopening businesses.

So, too, should our Secretary of the State ensure that polling places will preserve the health of the public and poll workers alike while maintaining the integrity of the election.

I call on you to withdraw this undemocratic lawsuit and instead work with the Secretary of the State to ensure ballot access to all voters. Countless studies show that there is no widespread voter fraud or security issues associated with absentee ballot voting-by-mail. It is safe, and it is how we will keep our Connecticut residents safe as well.


Jeffrey Desmarais


Editor’s Note: Mr. Desmarais is the Democratic candidate in the 32nd District State Senate race.

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