To the Editor:

A recent letter to the Voices editor accused first selectman candidate John Diehl and a Democratic Board of Education candidate of dubious leadership qualities and endangering Justice Southbury rally participants on the day Hurricane Henri was forecast to hit our area.

The flaws in this writer’s letter were threefold:

Gov. Lamont’s recommendation the day before Henri was to hit Connecticut was this: “Right now, it’s a good idea for everyone to be prepared and expect to shelter in place by Sunday afternoon. . . . We’ll continue to monitor the storm’s progress and will provide updates. . . .” Rather than “Shelter in place,” he said, “expect to shelter in place,” as in “be prepared to,” depending on Henri’s course and severity.

Winds on Henri day were clocking at 10 to 30 mph, with gentle rain; meteorologists told us Henri took a different path and would miss Southbury.

John Diehl’s Facebook recommendation regarding the hurricane echoed the governor’s (operative word, “expect”) and went further, offering sage advice:

“For your safety, please follow all state recommendations. Be certain to have provisions and be prepared for possible power outages. Eversource has begun their preparations. Please check in on elderly neighbors or those living alone. But, do not do so at your personal risk. Sign up ... to receive CodeRed updates from the town via phone. Include your cell phone number to receive text messages. Stay safe Southbury and stay connected to one another.” 

The Democratic candidate for Board of Education, after checking with the weather intelligentsia, decided to hold the Justice Southbury rally. No casualties, no lives lost in the low wind, gentle rainfall.

Erroneously, leadership and perhaps integrity of these two individuals were called into question and I hope the writer regrets his errors.

Sharon Wirt


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