To the Editor:

I recently was elected to the Region 14 BOE. I write this as a concerned father, husband and neighbor. I believe an elected official is fair game for criticism. What has been spewed on Woodbury CT Open Forum is beyond any morality. This Facebook site is a “source” of information for many in the district.

I am not a member but have been on the site. The site’s misogynism is blatant, to include sexist and demeaning photographs. It skirts around anti-Semitic references. A recent post has a female Region 14 administrator’s face on a dog and being led by a male employee. This administrator is a mother, wife and daughter.

Another post “cleverly” superimposes the face of Hitler on a member of the BOE. Comparing an elected official to someone that killed/tortured six million Jewish people completely trivializes the Holocaust. Another post accuses a former BOE member as having a drinking problem. This is clear defamation of character.

I have talked with respected Woodbury/Bethlehem townspeople who have all stated contempt for the site, but stated nothing could be done about it. I disagree. On select days, local businesses can advertise on the site. Do they know or don’t care what is being posted?

Leaders of political parties and people who are employed by both towns post daily on this site. I have stated to these individuals that their posts legitimize the site. I do not suggest any boycott of any business nor am I an advocate of the cancel culture. I think people can make their own decisions, some have. But I believe Woodbury/Bethlehem residents are better than this.

Chris Matta


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