To the Editor:

Letters to the editor express opinions. Some opinions are informed, some are uninformed. Who is influenced by a review from a food critic who has never visited the restaurant or from a movie critic who refuses to watch the film? 

For the second time this month, I am responding to an attack by the same uninformed critic about Justice Southbury, a group of local social justice advocates. In his September 29 letter to the editor (“Questions Agenda of ‘Justice’ Organizer”), Doug Faynor packs untruth (Justice Southbury is not a BLM affiliate) upon untruth (Justice Southbury is not the Democratic Town Committee). That’s known as “bearing false witness.” 

But a real false witness actually witnesses. If the writer ever attended one of our rallies, he would have heard moving and thoughtful speeches. He would have heard sad stories of local discrimination and uplifting stories of local humanity. The subtheme of each rally is “love your neighbor.”

Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive community where all are treated fairly and welcomed as equals. Our growing group of moms and dads and children and grandparents has raised over $2,000 for Southbury Food Bank, Waterbury Mutual Aid and for Afghan families being resettled in Connecticut.

I recognize that the letter was written during an election campaign. Politics ain’t beanbag; if you stand for something, you will be opposed by some. But please don’t judge without listening, and please don’t lie.

I have invited Mr. Faynor to lunch. I have invited him to attend a rally. And I extend the sincere invitation to all who read this in Voices: come to a rally. See that what we have in common is greater than what divides us.

As Mother Teresa said, “The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do it anyway.” Love your neighbor.

Rick Richardson, co-founder

Justice Southbury

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