To the Editor:

Reading the Voices article on April 14, 2021, “Woodbury Selectmen Discuss Non-Union Employee Raises,” got my blood pressure to go up. I have lived more than 40 years in Woodbury and have loved my town. The character of the town has changed with the leadership of Ms. Perkinson.

I could not believe what is going on with Ms. Perkinson’s announcement concerning the “eight who served as her as a support group, who went above and beyond in handling extra duties during the pandemic.” 

This is an injustice to all others who have worked hard for the town, union and non-union people, as well as the taxpayers and those who have not been able to work due to the virus. Her words show insensitivity.

She was a teacher and had a union that helped her and her fellow workers, but I guess she didn’t learn much from her experience. 

She is causing a division between union and non-union persons. Shame on her.

Sandra Mazur


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