To the Editor:

The Seymour Congregational Church would like to thank all our friends, congregants and the community who attended our second annual ‘50s Fun Family Event on February 11, in making it the huge success that it became.

With over 70 people in attendance, we were able to meet and get to know many new faces. We thank our wonderful DJ, Matt, who provided lively music all evening from the ‘50s era and many thanks to Eileen Russo and Michael Frenis for taking the time to teach everyone some great dance moves.

What a joy to watch everyone, young and old, dancing and having a great time throughout the event. There were also many great refreshments and raffle baskets donated to help raise funds for our much needed charities. When people come together we can truly enjoy the fun and at the same time allow our spirit to achieve wonderful good deeds that are so necessary to so many.

With all who came together and got involved, we are able to provide help to some of our local organizations. Homes for the Brave for Veterans, Spooner House, the Trinity Blessing Pantry, Team and BHC. Collectively we received many clothing donations along with 900 assorted diapers, 275 pairs of new socks and 100 new T-shirts and sweatshirts for distribution.

Thank you again to everyone who opened up their hearts and made this a great success for so many people. We look forward to presenting more fun family events in the future and hope you will come join us. It was great meeting the many new people. 

Jacqueline Calzone


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