To the Editor:

Doug Faynor (Says Rally a Tone-Deaf Miss) is making a tempest in a teapot. He misremembers when John Diehl posted the governor’s warning. It was a good 30 hours before the predicted landfall of Henri and not that Sunday morning.

Anyone walking out their front door that morning realized that the storm was not going to hit us here. In fact, the sun was peeking through the clouds when the Justice Southbury rally began at 2 p.m. So much for his charge that it occurred “at the height of the storm.”

I suggest Doug look at the judgement of the current first selectman if he wants to question someone’s leadership ability. When the governor issued his declaration of a health emergency at the start of this pandemic, the first selectman refused to issue a mandatory mask requirement for the staff at Town Hall.

Predictably, the disease was transmitted there and Town Hall had to close. He could be forgiven for that because we knew little then about how the virus spread. But when Town Hall had to be closed a second time, this was due to his irresponsibility. He should have known better. If he didn’t, why not?

Leadership can be demonstrated in many forms. Unfortunately, the town has put into office a first selectman who fails to demonstrate that he can make responsible decisions during times of crises. His handling of the working conditions in Town Hall is just one example of the many crises he has bungled.

Rich Boritz


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