To the Editor:

I have known Jennifer Naylor for many years. I’m also a member of the recently maligned Southbury Republican Town Committee, although I am currently speaking for myself.

I’ve worked to have our endorsed candidates elected ever since I registered as a Republican. I’ve answered phones, made calls and volunteered to do whatever I have been asked to do. As a result of the above, I have come to know the candidates.

I believe that Jennifer Naylor is the only candidate to support for first selectman of Southbury. She is honest, open and liked by all who know her. When elected, she will serve the people of Southbury with respect and transparency.

She is and always has been aboveboard; she will function in a totally transparent fashion, mainly because that is who she is.

She is the only candidate who has the ability and the willingness to work across party lines to accomplish what is best for all of us.

I do not have any malice towards anyone else who may be running; however, I have been disappointed by the frequent autocratic actions of the current administration. I do not question that what was done was done with the belief that it was the best thing to do, but the non-transparent nature of how they were done smacks of cronyism.

In view of the above, I would ask that the good people of Southbury on September 10 throw their support and their votes to Jennifer Naylor, the best of the bunch.


Salvatore A. Pace, M.D.


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