To the Editor:

For the 30-plus years I’ve lived in Southbury, I’ve always been very proud to call this New England town my home. Unfortunately, as a result of recent events, that pride has been deeply shaken. Protecting the status quo, those with political power and the “correct” political beliefs, seems to be the current driving force.

We need professionals who can help with their expertise.

Among them is Wendy Bernard, who is running for a seat on Southbury’s Zoning Commission. This letter is my enthusiastic endorsement of her candidacy. I am among those who trust her with vital legal issues. 

I’ve seen her in action. Over the years, her professionalism and advice have earned my deepest respect.

Not only are her legal qualifications outstanding, so too are her communication skills. After attentive listening, she presents cogent explanations based on the law and precedent. Then she patiently helps her clients come to their own reasoned responses. Altogether, these skills will empower her in the deliberations of the Zoning Commission.

Her organizational skills and self-discipline reflect her 25 years of military service in the U.S. Army Reserve, including overseas active-duty tours in Iraq, Europe and Africa. In 2019 she retired as a major and brigade judge advocate. She will consider the long-term ramification of every decision based on what is best for Southbury.

I cannot imagine a better background for adjudicating even the thorniest of zoning issues. Ms. Bernard will bring fresh perspective to the many complex issues confronting the evolution of Southbury and promoting the economic vitality of the town along with the economic security of all our citizens.

John Geheran


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