To the Editor:

Every time I think I am going to write a letter about our Hypocrite-in-Chief, Mitch McConnell, aka, Moscow Mitch, something else really bad happens.

Another mass shooting has grabbed the headlines. No one is paying attention to the fact that not one Republican voted for the second Covid relief act. You know (the one that took how many months?) that just passed. The relief bill to help the unemployed, small businesses, state and local governments, with the cost of testing and treating Covid, and opening schools and individuals who need help feeding their families and others who can’t afford to make political campaign contributions. And not big corporations, airlines, etc. That one.

I can almost hear McConnell’s lips smacking over the prospect of campaign contributions flowing in to him and the Republicans. You know, from the NRA and their supporters, to be sure they block any new gun regulations that might be proposed. After all, with 50 Republican senators under his control, and some Democrats, like West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, no legislation that might improve gun control, to curtail this type of slaughter, is likely to happen.

Congress will debate, some legislators, the usual characters, will do some grandstanding, but nothing will happen. 

We’ve got to vote the Trumplicans and their Republican supporters out before they can take the vote away from more of us, like they are now doing in Georgia.

Gordon White


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