To the Editor:

In the last week alone, we witnessed the president attempt to strong arm Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State to overturn an election citing baseless conspiracy theories, many from QAnon. Last night, we saw domestic terrorists storm and desecrate the U.S. Capitol. Four people were killed, including Ashli Babbit, who like many in the mob, was a QAnon supporter.

Our own state senator, Eric Bethel, has been condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike for his own bold support of QAnon, a viral, politically potent, conspiracy theory steeped in anti-Semitism. The double standards of white nationalism that allowed a violent mob to break into and walk out of the Capitol largely unmolested are the same double standards of white nationalism that allowed Berthel to explain away his bald-faced support of QAnon when it became politically expedient to do so.

The indecency of having a state senator with a history of QAnon affiliation representing our district in Hartford is no longer tolerable. I am joining many of my neighbors, Republican and Democrat, to appeal to Eric Berthel to resign.

Alan Zinser


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