To the Editor:

Donald Trump garnered 74 million votes in the 2020 election. Who are these people?

Some of them are afraid of the changing demographics of the United States. They are afraid of immigrants and the browning of America. They do not understand that, unless you are a Native American, then you, like me, are the descendant of immigrants. These people do not accept that we are all part of God’s Bouquet.

There are those who feel left behind because they can’t get a factory job like their Daddy had, which paid $35/hour plus benefits, turning the same screw on the assembly line for eight hours a day.

Guess what; you have been replaced by a robot. You need to adapt to the new economy and get new skills. In the words of Martin Luther King “ ...learn baby learn, so you can earn baby earn.”

Some people cannot understand the complex issues we have to face in life. Nothing is simple or straight forward. There are many facets to all the issues facing us. However, some cannot sort through the pros and cons of complex issues, so they subscribe to the simple and usually hateful conspiracy theories from the dark side of the internet for explanations.

And then, there are those who look at their 401(k) or IRA accounts and see major appreciation over the years and are very happy. At the same time, so many Americans are out of work and do not have anything to eat due to the gross incompetence of the Trump administration.

In this land of plenty, that Americans are going hungry is a national disgrace.

The Trumpist rioters who stormed the Capitol today are anti-American, domestic terrorists. What do you want, another civil war? Let it go. Your guy lost. Give it a rest. There was no steal and no fraud. You have been duped by Trump’s incessant and delusional lies.

I am an optimist and believe that America will survive Trumpism. It will take a while, but we will come back.

Nick Makris


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