To the Editor:

Donald Trump is quick to claim credit for anything positive but refuses to take responsibility for anything negative. He even tried to take credit for cancer rates dropping.

He took credit for a “strong” economy that was propped up with trillion-dollar a year stimulus spending and ultra-low interest rates that he bullied the Fed into. At a time of economic strength, we should have been running a surplus to pay down the debt.

This leaves us with little ammunition to handle the real battle, because he was more concerned with economic window dressing to support his reelection. We were only able to get Republicans to agree on a $0.8 trillion stimulus package for the Great Recession.

Now that we are in a crisis and heading into recession/depression, because of his administration’s incompetence, he points fingers at everyone else. Test kit problems and delays are someone else’s fault? Had we tested like South Korea, the damage would be far less.

Had he echoed the facts that medical professionals put forth instead of calling the virus a hoax, then downplaying its seriousness after he could no longer pretend it didn’t exist, the transmission rates would have been much lower.

Had he put the health of our citizens before the optics of larger reported case numbers, we would not be staring down a possible depression, not to mention the additional deaths of Americans.

Now he asks the nation to sacrifice to compensate for his failures, while he gives himself an “A” grade in fighting this pandemic.

It is hard for me to understand how even 37 percent of Americans can believe he is handling this crisis well.


Maurice Robichaud


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