WOODBURY — Members of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency set up site walks on two proposals, approved one application for a sidewalk, discussed changes for an ongoing issue, accepted another application for a likely approval next meeting and had one application withdrawn, pending additional details at its meeting on Monday, November 9, held remotely once again after having met in person for the past few meetings.

A draft motion for consideration was requested on two applications, one for an ongoing issue at 575 Washington Rd., pending suggested changes to the plans, and the other for a new concrete pad for a generator at Connecticut Clinical Services Inc., 15 Woodside Cir.

The agency had no concerns about the concrete pad, but its rules require the application be held for the next meeting for a vote.

The 575 Washington Rd. application is more involved and the agency requested some changes to the maps to coincide with discussions at this meeting.

The agency did approve the installation of a sidewalk at 760 Washington Rd., Connecticut Clinical Services Inc., as it was a pending application, as opposed to new.

The 575 Washington Rd. property has been on the agency’s agenda since May 11, when the owners requested a jurisdictional ruling for an agricultural use of growing corn in a cleared area that was denied due to the extent of the work conducted in the wetlands.

In meetings since then, the owners, Robert and Jolene Tiettinen and their son, James Smith, agreed to hire professionals to assist them in remediating work done in the wetlands on the property.

Attorney James Strub and engineer Ron Wolff were present at the November 9 meeting to discuss the proposed work. Mr. Wolff reported he met Cynthia Rabinowitz of the Northwest Conservation District at the property to discuss the situation in detail.

The proposed work includes repair of a man-made ditch, replanting of the entrance drive along an embankment, and removal of wood chips and logs within 15 feet of the wetlands.

The agency agreed a possible rain garden was probably not necessary and the removal of a log bridge could not occur because it is on a neighbor’s property.

A proposal for two check dams to help control run-off in one area was met with agreement by agency members, and a requirement that some sort of more permanent staking of the permitted area for log storage was met with agreement by the applicants.

The agency requested these changes be included in the maps submitted for the application and requested a draft approval for the next meeting.

The agency set up site walks for two applications, one to remove sediment from a pond and install two plunge pools at 86 Fox Rd., and the other to remove existing concrete stairs and construct a deck and stairs at a home on Sage Road. Those applications will be taken up again at the next meeting, after the site walks.

An application to replace a barn and add a deck to a home at 237 Washington Rd. was withdrawn by the homeowner, Robert McClintock, after several questions arose and members requested greater details of what he intended to construct, which he did not have readily available.

He told the agency he had planned to develop more detailed plans in the spring. The agency suggested he return in the spring when he had those details available.

Members did, however, express concern over his apparent plan to replace a wooden barn in the flood plain with a concrete structure. He had previously planned to replace the wooden barn with another wooden barn, with a gravel floor and mats.

Mr. McClintock said he made the change after he was told he would need to have a minimum three-foot concrete foundation for the flood plain area.

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