MONROE — The Inland Wetlands Commission held two Public Hearings on Wednesday, July 22. Members closed the first, an application for a single-family home on 170 Purdy Hill Rd., and continued the second, a site development and restoration application for 64 Cambridge Dr./4 Independence Dr.

The commission also provided extensions to two property owners under notice of violation while noting a third property owner was not present. According to the commissioners’ discussion on the third property, at 1366 Monroe Tpke., that owner may also be responsible for damage to the other two properties granting extensions, 1380 Monroe Tpke. and 43 Birdseye Dr.

Attorney Thomas Lynch, representing the owners of 43 Birdseye Dr., said work had been performed on the property by an adjacent landowner at 1366 Monroe Tpke. He said his client had instituted an injunction against the estate that owns 1366 Monroe Tpke. for civil trespass and asked for and received a 30-day extension.

Attorney Laurel Fedor, representing the owner of 1380 Monroe Tpke., asked for and received a 30-day extension on top of a previous 60-day extension, pending action in Trumbull Probate Court.

Commissioners tabled a discussion raised by Kevin Solli of Solli Engineering, on behalf of the property owners of 4 Main St./5 Victoria Dr./7180-7192 Main St. More research is needed to address the issue raised by Mr. Solli as to whether or not it was necessary to file a map joining all three parcels prior to proceeding with the work.

Vice Chairman Lois Spence recalled the commission had been clear about the need to combine the three parcels and noted it was part of the approval letter. She also said the applicant had a set time period when the conditions of the approval could have been appealed, but the applicants did not come forward with an appeal during that time period.

Research shows commissioners instructed staff on December 12, 2019, to prepare a draft approval notice for the fill and remediation permit for the three parcels, with the condition that the owners file a map that showed all three properties combined. That condition was included in the approval given at the following meeting on January 8, 2020.

As discussion continued on the topic, Ms. Spence located the original approval letter and read from it, “Combining of all parcels, including 5 Victoria Drive, must be filed on Monroe Land Records.”

Commissioners approved the application for a single-family home at 170 Purdy Hill Rd., after closing the Public Hearing earlier on the agenda. The approval was made with the condition that boulders placed near the wetlands be moved to a location approximately 25 feet from the wetlands to provide additional protection.

In other action, commissioners approved with conditions a remediation plan for 104 Sentry Hill Rd., released a bond for 114 Main St., and agreed to allow the owner of 104 Elm St. to change some of the plantings listed on that plan because the owner was unable to purchase the original plantings.

Commissioners denied a request to release the remaining amount of a bond for 36 Timothy Hill Rd. because an oak bridge apparently constructed on an adjacent property has not been removed yet. It was part of the work that had to be completed.

Commissioners saved the second Public Hearing, on work proposed for 64 Cambridge Dr. and 4 Independence Dr., to the last item on the agenda, knowing it would be a lengthy discussion. The hearing began at 9:39 p.m. and adjourned for the evening at 11:07 p.m. It was the second evening for the hearing, which began at the previous meeting on June 24.

At that June 24 hearing, the applicant’s representatives presented a proposal to remediate disturbance to wetlands and vernal pools and to construct a new 2,360-square-foot office building at the entrance near 64 Cambridge Dr. It was estimated the work will take approximately 10 years to complete. The proposed filling of the excavated portion of the property will make it marketable for future industrial or commercial use.

During public comment, Attorney Joel Green spoke on behalf of adjacent property owner, Peter Metropoulis, who has been granted intervenor status in the proceedings.

He requested permission to visit the site with experts hired by the intervenor and to present questions in writing prior to the next meeting.

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