WASHINGTON — The Board of Selectmen, meeting Wednesday, November 10, recognized the town’s achievement of bronze status certification with Sustainable CT.

Selectman Jay Hubelbank explained that the town had 295 points of the 200 needed for that status with the quasi-state agent dedicated to fostering inclusive, resilient and vibrant Connecticut municipalities that provide opportunities for all to thrive.

Sustainable CT provides a menu of sustainability actions that build local economies, support equity and respect the finite capacity of the environment, offers technical assistance to help advance sustainability initiatives, and certifies municipalities for their achievements.

Mr. Hubelbank said the town is almost half-way to silver status as Washington looks at 13 areas in which to maintain the community in a sustainable way.

“When we’re making decisions about anything from housing to new roads to changing the front lawn at the town hall, we think about how we do that in a sustainable way.” Mr. Hubelbank said.

He noted a number of non-profit groups as well as the Conservation and Planning Commissions are doing work in that area, which helped the town achieve bronze status.

A number of new initiatives were also put in place, such as sustainable purchasing policy for the town and a ban on single-use plastic bags.

Many other activities revolve around economic development, such as the explorewashingtonct.com website. Mr. Hubelbank said the Sustainable CT status will appear on the town website.

He noted the members of the Sustainable Committee are Susan Payne, Chris Charles, Monique Gil-Rodgers, Carrie Rowe, Carole Matteo, Michelle Gorra, Amy Dyer and Brian Hagenbuch.

The Region 12 school district has become involved in that effort and the committee will now evaluate next steps.

In his report to the board, First Selectman Jim Brinton announced that three architectural firms will be at the town hall on Thursday, November 18, to review that site and talk to town employees before submitting quotes for fees.

“I gave them a broad outline… to make improvements,” he said.

Mr. Hubelbank remembered an energy audit that had been performed earlier. “This will be a comprehensive look at this building and what we need to do.”

In other business, the selectmen set a special town meeting for 5 p.m. Monday, November 22, at town hall to nominate and elect an education board member to fill a vacancy.

Voters must be electors of the town of Washington.

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