WASHINGTON — The Board of Selectmen, meeting Thursday, January 6, endorsed the Volunteer EMS Award program, which includes additional categories to incentivize participation.

The program and fund is defined by ordinance and must be approved at a town meeting.

Selectman Jay Hubelbank suggested asking legal counsel if it might be possible to update the ordinance so that amounts might be approved by the selectmen.

First Selectman Jim Brinton said that streamlining the process could be considered.

The board also discussed an Auto Alarm Ordinance, which would shift participation from voluntary to mandatory.

The ordinance, if updated, would place key access with the town in case a key holder is unavailable during a possible emergency.

The selectmen said Mr. Brinton should talk with the fire marshal to determine if this is a problem that should be addressed because emergency responders need that level of access.

Mr. Brinton suggested the fire marshal join a board meeting as all selectmen agreed that businesses might not want to share access.

Selectmen discussed the placement of snow in the public right of way, agreeing to a proposed ordinance that would disallow moving snow into public roads and onto sidewalks.

Any temporary placement during snow clearing would be removed immediately.

The proposed ordinance would go to a town meeting for approval.

In his report to the board, Mr. Brinton said he received input from a resident regarding the budget for the senior center, with the goal of increasing programming.

Selectman Dean Sarjeant volunteered to work with the center to develop ideas.

Mr. Brinton noted some confusion regarding the distribution of Covid-19 tests received from the state.

A delivery of test kits and masks would be distributed over the weekend; future distributions will be posted on the town website at www.washingtonct.org and Facebook.

He said that home tests are not reported and he has decided to stop posting the number of cases as that number is likely to be incorrect.

The board appointed Lindsay Larson to the Housing Commission and accepted the resignation of George Steiner as the town fire investigator.

“On behalf of a grateful community, I thank him,” Mr. Brinton said, noting the town will rely on the full-time fire marshal and deputy until the position is filled.

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