SOUTHBURY — The Inland Wetlands Commission had a busy agenda lined up for its Tuesday, November 15, meeting, most involving minor work.

First up under Old Business was the application by Thomas Kopchick, 104 Nelson Rd., for a resubdivision of property.

Chairman William Spencer said Land Use Inspector/Enforcement Officer Jordan Marcinko had reported he visited the site, and soil and debris piles that had been located in the wetlands areas had been removed. A dirt patch remains and the owner has been advised to install erosion control measures and to replant the area in spring.

Next was an application by Marvin Orellana, 346 Jeremy Swamp Rd., for an after-the-fact permit for the building of a patio, shed front stairs and path, landscaping wall on side of driveway, and rear wood wall replaced with retaining wall.

The commission is still awaiting receipt of a plan for the work done. 

A neighbor, Jason Edwards, was present at the meeting to report that part of the retaining wall crosses over onto his property, as well as some of the fill. He was there to request advice from the commission moving forward, as he is now taking legal action to have the wall and fill removed.

The third application of the evening was from Dan Curtis, 13 Traditions Blvd., to remove three large dead ash trees. That application was approved subject to standard conditions.

The fourth application was for 280 Jeremy Swamp Rd., John Mack as agent/applicant and Linda Beluli as owner, to construct a single-family dwelling, driveway crossing, new house, septic and well. Discussion was continued, pending receipt of additional information.

The fifth application was from Krystal Koenig, 96 West Purchase Rd., to construct a garage, driveway and grading with minimum 50-foot setback. 

The application was approved with the notation that the approval did not include a future pool, shown on the map, but not part of the current application.

If a pool is to be constructed in the future, it will require a separate application.

The final application under Old Business was for Lot 6R West Purchase Road, Zoltan Nanassy as applicant, to make improvements and dredging to an existing farm pond. Commissioners approved the application.

New applications included 67 Horse Fence Hill Rd., Gilles Rousseau, applicant, after-the-fact approval for the creation of a pond; 254 Pomperaug River Rd., Harry Rawlinson, applicant, for the removal of trees, and to repair and replace stairs and small platforms; Bullet Hill Road, Guissppe Orsini, applicant, to cut down four trees, and 1380 Southford Rd., Hairy Dog Realty LLC, applicant, to construct a common driveway and underground utilities to access two future building lots.

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