SOUTHBURY — The Board of Selectmen discussed emergency planning and the Ballantine Park Pool at its meeting on Thursday, September 2.

Emergency Management Director Steve Schnell presented on the town’s preparedness plans and response for Tropical Storm Henri and Hurricane Ida.

“This is a team effort,” Mr. Schnell said. “This really falls on the shoulders of our police department, our fire department, our EMS and our Public Works employees. They really did a lot of the heavy lifting on a lot of these items.”

He said a lot of credit goes to those organizations to prepare the town for the recent weather events.

He said the town started prepping for the storms in mid August, after receiving its first advisory.

“[For Ida], I think the town averaged was just over five inches of rain in a 14-hour period. We did have flooding down on River Trail,” he said. “We had approximately 390 outages.

“Throughout both storms, we’ve been in constant contact with Eversource,” he added. “We’re getting hourly updates from our liaison.”

Mr. Schnell said that there were six blocked roads due to trees and wires, though all the roads were opened by the time the Thursday evening meeting occurred.

Mr. Schnell said the fire department had been setting up pumps for people’s basements and were working on basement six during the meeting.

Speaking generally, Mr. Schnell noted that Eversource now allows towns to make tickets and set certain buildings and circuits as priorities. He said that the town revamped Eversource’s list of critical facilities to include long-term care facilities, firehouses and the police department.

Selectman Emily Harrison asked why Main Street North flooded late on Wednesday, September 1.

Mr. Schnell said that a couple of large trees had fallen and blocked a culvert, which, coupled with the sheer amount of rain, caused the water to back up onto the road. He said the flooding receded quickly after the culvert was cleared.

The board also briefly discussed the Ballantine Park Pool and Bath House.

First Selectman Jeff Manville said the town had a proposal to create conceptual designs for the pool for $50,000.

Mr. Manville said that Finance Director Dan Colton was not available for the meeting, and suggested tabling discussion until Mr. Colton was present to discuss it fully.

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