SOUTHBURY — The Board of Selectmen, meeting Thursday, November 19, received a presentation regarding online permitting, a project that was included in the 2020-21 budget.

A search team evaluated six software solutions to find a product that would manage the workflow, approve and issue permits and collect fees.

In addition, the team looked for a solution that would support interdepartmental collaboration, be easy to use, offer mobility for inspections and provide easy access to data with reports.

The evaluation process included demonstrations from other municipalities before the team recommended Municity.

The product is cloud-based software with a public facing portal called City Squared where residents could submit applications, Municity as a back-end office permitting solution, and Municity Mobile as a field application.

The solution could use the town’s legacy data for $19,870 with future costs at $13,370 per year and could be implemented by the end of the second quarter 2021.

Pricing is based on users and not the population size of the municipality.

The presentation noted positive comments about the software, including a reference to how it supported the permitting process during the pandemic.

Although the timeline might be aggressive, fewer construction projects in the winter could make the transition easier.

The software company would perform the import of legacy data.

First Selectman Jeff Manville said that the transition might be more difficult if the town were moving from an existing software platform. “The old system is all paper.”

As selectmen debated the options, they learned that Municity has worked with municipalities in the past and considered training that would be needed for both town employees and members of the public.

The town would provide a computer so members of the public could go through the application process with support from town employees if they wanted assistance or if they did not have a computer at home.

In his report to the board, Mr. Manville said town hall will remain closed to the public until the end of the calendar year.

Town departments may be reached by email or phone as town business will continue.

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