WOODBURY — The Board of Selectmen, meeting Thursday, May 14, made one new appointment, approved a revised job description for an assistant assessor, listened to an update on Covid-19 guidelines and discussed plans for reopening town buildings.

First Selectman Barbara Perkinson said reopening town offices would not happen until the town is able to make certain modifications to the buildings to provide greater safety to employees and visitors alike.

She informed the selectmen that she will be waiving any bid process for modifications that have to be done to accommodate Covid-19. The town needs to get the modifications done so the town can open back up safely, she said, and there are already some materials that are growing in short supply.

Ms. Perkinson said she issued an order on Tuesday, May 13, suspending any regulations for the installation or expansion of outdoor seating at restaurants, so that town restaurants may partially open May 20 or soon after that under the Governor’s Executive Orders allowing outdoor seating.

Although restaurants will need to comply with all applicable state regulations, owners may apply to Woodbury at no cost for a temporary permit for outdoor dining provided they make an application which includes required information and is then signed off by the police department, the fire marshal, the town planner or zoning enforcement officer, the director of health and the building official. Details are available on the town website at https://woodburyct.org/.

Ms. Perkinson told selectmen that she has received resignations from two town employees, both having found new positions elsewhere. The two are Assistant Assessor Darcel Peters and Zoning Enforcement Officer Abby Conroy.

The selectmen later reviewed and approved a revised job description for the assistant assessor position. Both positions are already posted, Ms. Perkinson said.

Selectmen appointed Colin Corbo to the Public Building Commission to replace Robert Van Aken who resigned recently because he moved out of town.

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