SOUTHBURY — Having labored late into the night before to finalize proposed 2019-20 town budget numbers, which by the way seem to add up to a 1.34 percent tax increase at this stage, the Board of Selectmen returned to Room 205 on Thursday, March 7, for the regular bi-monthly meeting.

Topping the agenda was a Town Meeting to approve purchase of four new all-band radios for use by the town’s senior police officers in order to remain compatible with both state and local equipment.

But the big news from the selectmen’s meeting was the board’s majority vote to support the Southbury Ambulance Association’s application to the state Department of Public Health to provide basic life support services at Southbury Training School.

Five Selectmen voted in support while First Selectman Jeffrey Manville consistently demurred. He explained to Voices in his office next morning that he had felt that more time should have been provided to permit a comment from the Training School’s Home School Association, members of which speak for those people there, “who can’t speak for themselves” Mr. Manville explained. 

But Selectman Jason Buchsbaum demurred, “I see no reason why we would not support the SAA application. SAA has served our town for many years and this application is in the best interest of the community.”

And Selectman Jennifer Naylor, concurred, “Supporting Southbury Ambulance Association’s application to extend its Primary Service for Basic Life Support services to include the relinquished PSA at Southbury Training School, is logical and in the best interest of current and emergency medical needs of all Southbury residents.

“It is the most responsible approach to providing emergency medical coverage to our most vulnerable residents while supporting an organization that has served this community well for 65 years,” said Selectman Naylor.

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