BRIDGEWATER-ROXBURY-WASHINGTON — Interim Superintendent Dr. Lorrie Rodrigue told the Region 12 Board of Education, meeting Monday, September 12, that school officials are keeping a close eye on Covid-19 numbers, reassuring board members that numbers remain low.

She noted two staff members and a few students recently tested positive for Covid; the region continues to report those numbers to the state. Staff members will be given a sheet of Covid-19 protocols, created by local health directors, to follow Dr. Rodrigue said.

“We’re still low and doing well at the school level,” said Dr. Rodrigue. “We hope that it remains low and encourage parents to keep students home if they are sick.”

In a previous Board of Education meeting, Dr. Rodrigue told board members the region is encouraging students and staff to continue taking precautions against Covid-19, which includes frequent hand-washing, cleaning high-touch areas and being aware of suspected symptoms.

The region is still getting funding from the state to provide test kits to students and their families. The district will also keep up efforts to inform families about vaccination clinics. Dr. Rodrigue had explained the district is taking cues from local health directors and the state Department of public Health. There is no longer any social distancing required or enforced mask-wearing.

In other news, board members were able to take a tour and see a show at Shepaug’s planetarium during the meeting. They also learned of future classes that could be offered to students, including astro-physics and astronomy programs.

The planetarium offers live online telescope feeds and has several different shows displaying different aspects of constellations, planets and other components of galaxies and space exploration.

Dr. Rodrigue told the board the district should be all set to sign off on the football co-op program. The process took longer than anticipated due to some last minute changes, but is now ready for sign-off.

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