WOODBURY – The Planning Commission, meeting Wednesday, February 5, agreed with a property owner’s representatives that merging two lots and revising a conservation agreement would be a better plan for the property.

Commissioners also reviewed the Plan of Conservation and Development and discussed implementation.

The property owner, Faith Warner, was represented by Attorney Gail MacTaggert and Ron Wolff, P.E., who explained the property on Joshua Hill Road had originally been subdivided into three lots.

The new plan was to merge Lot 2 with what was referred to as the “pond lot” to create a new lot of approximately 4.9 acres. A restriction would be put on that lot that only one home could be constructed and that it could never be subdivided.

In doing so, the home and septic system could both be placed in a better spot on the new parcel, providing better protection of the wetlands.

The owner was requesting that the conservation easement placed between Lot 2 and the pond lot be eliminated and replaced by an additional area of conservation along the outside of the new parcel. Overall, the move would increase the amount of land subject to a conservation easement.

The plan is still subject to town review.

Discussion on the POCD began with discussion on affordable housing. After it was pointed out that the Zoning Commission began tackling this issue recently as part of possible zoning regulation changes, the commission chose to wait and see what the other commission would do, tabling the discussion to the next meeting.

The commission next began a discussion on sidewalks. Chairman Joel Serota agreed to do some research on standards in other towns and available materials before the next meeting.

Member Kathryn Sherer reminded everyone that there is a Shade Tree and Sidewalk Committee and the commission should work with that committee to develop a plan. She also noted that the POCD includes a map of where sidewalks should be placed.

Discussion then moved on to a Route 6 corridor study. Such a study would provide guidance on a number of issues, including pedestrian sidewalks, crosswalks, road configuration and more.

To begin the process of requesting a corridor study, the town needs to develop a purpose and meeds statement. Commissioners agreed to spend time at their next meeting starting to develop a purpose and needs statement.

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