MONROE — The Inland Wetlands Commission, meeting Wednesday, September 9, continued both Public Hearings on the agenda after learning from the applicants that more time is needed to provide additional information.

Engineer Kevin Solli, representing the applicants for a site development and restoration project at 64 Cambridge Dr./4 Independence Dr., said he is still gathering feedback and reviewing reports on the project from staff, commissioners, the intervenor, an independent consultant hired by the commission and the public.

The applicant has hired a hydrogeologist who will be submitting a report as well. Rather than possibly making numerous revisions based on feedback as it comes in, the applicant will submit one set of revisions after all possible information is reviewed, he said.

Attorney Joel Green, representing the intervenor, Peter Metropoulis, said his experts would prefer to wait to comment until Mr. Solli has responded to their previous sets of questions.

Commissioners did comment on the site walk they took between this meeting and the previous one. Each commissioner felt the site walk had been very helpful in allowing them to more fully visualize the scope of the project and the work that was being proposed.

When asked for feedback, commissioners generally responded that they would like to see the project move forward with the best possible plan. One commissioner, Ross Mastrorocco, said he would like to see a different proposal where less fill is brought in.

The commission spent several minutes debating whether or not it should seek bids from professionals to assist it in evaluating the applicant’s information, in addition to the report produced by the Southwest Conservation District. After having a motion and a second on the floor to seek such bids, commissioners voted against doing so, deciding it was premature.

In the case of the other Public Hearing, applicant Cesar Rios said he needed time to provide additional information on a proposed parking area for commercial vehicles at his home on 556 Pepper St.

He asked for clarification on whether or not he would need to pave the parking area, as he was not sure he could afford to do so, but commissioners explained that is an issue he needs to resolve with the Planning and Zoning Commission, as it is that commission’s regulation.

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