MONROE — The Planning and Zoning Commission’s Regulations Subcommittee, meeting Monday, June 15, agreed to refer three matters under consideration to the full commission for input during the commission’s Thursday, June 18, meeting.

Those three matters are mixed-use development, new use for the Stevenson Lumber Company property which may require a new overlay district and rezoning of a small section of Route 25 from B-1 to B-2.

Mixed-use zoning has been discussed as part of a few new applications reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission over the past year; however, no regulations currently allow such a use within Monroe.

In a mixed-use zone or a mixed use overlay district, commercial property would be allowed to offer limited residential units as part of a building’s design. The residential units are usually constructed above the commercial level, with parking and entrances sometimes offered behind the building.

Mixed use was mentioned as a possibility as far back as the 2010 Plan of Conservation and Development. It is one way for communities to provide affordable housing while also providing a steady income stream for commercial property owners. It is reminiscent of the types of housing and commercial use found in town centers of the past.

Kevin Solli of Solli Engineers was present to discuss some potential draft regulations for mixed-use development on behalf of a client who has previously presented potential site development plans to the commission as part of a filling and excavation permit application.

Those parcels are not yet ready to go before the commission for site development approval, but owners would like to utilize mixed-use development when they make those applications.

The full commission agreed on June 18 that more discussion is needed. Commissioners referred the matter back to the subcommittee to continue working on developing possible draft regulations.

Re-use of the Stevenson Lumber Company property may include a proposal for storage of raw materials and for storage of registered vehicles.

The subcommittee asked members of the full commission for its input on allowing these two uses. The commission offered consensus that these two uses may be acceptable, pending adequate protections, which would have to be presented at a future date as part of a possible new overlay district.

Commissioners are interested in hearing a proposal to rezone a small section of Route 25 from B-1 to B-2, especially as many B-2 level uses have already been grandfathered in to the section in question.

David Bjorklund, who is representing the owner of 193 Main St. who would like to see the area rezoned, agreed to reach out to other property owners whose parcels would be included to see if they were in agreement or not.

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