MIDDLEBURY — The Planning and Zoning Commission, meeting Thursday, September 2, continued with a public hearing for a special exception application at 896 Middlebury Rd.

The commission unanimously approved the updated site plan and special exception use.

Naugatuck Attorney Michael McVerry represented Russell Antonacci, who is under contract to purchase the property and would like to create a residential transition zone that would allow for office use.

Mr. Antonacci owns a property management firm plans to add a second story to the existing building and remove the loading dock in order to move his business to the site.

Mr. McVerry noted a sinking issue with the cement floor but the proposed plan has been reviewed to ensure the feasibility of the planned construction.

Regarding another application by Peter Vileisis for a six-lot subdivision at 288 Watertown Rd., Chair Terry Smith explained that Mr. Vileisis had withdrawn the application three hours before the commission’s meeting began.

In other business, the commission agreed to amend the permit for Benson Woods Subdivision, removing the conditions.

Attorney Jennifer Yoxall, Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey, Waterbury, represented the applicant, Middlebury Land Development, and reminded the commission that she had proposed the change during a previous meeting.

She had suggested that, since the final development plans contain details that would implement the conditions, those conditions could be removed from the permit.

Conditions include a bond to ensure completion of work, an open space requirement, and certain covenants.

At the request of the commission, Ms. Yoxall had discussed the matter with Town Attorney Dana D’Angelo; they agreed that the permit would be amended to refer to the final development plans and remove conditions from the commission’s approval.

The commission unanimously approved the proposal.

Before adjourning, the comission held an information discussion with Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers for a proposed daycare business at 489 Middlebury Rd.

April Marie Lukasik, owner of the centers, said she would like to put her seventh center in the 12,000 square foot space.

She pointed out that her proposal would be different from the previous application, which would attach a playground to the building and eliminate front parking.

There would be three different play areas for different age groups and Ms. Lukasik shared renderings of the playgrounds.

In response to a question from Commissioner Joseph Drauss, she said there would be approximately 120 children in the center.

She anticipated the question of noise, explaining to the commissioners that centers are quiet because children spend a good deal of time indoors, experiencing an educational component.

When outside, children are engaged in planned activities with small groups and there would be no evening or weekend hours.

Mr. Smith noted the issue of parking spaces; Ms. Lukasik explained that she would need 30 to 40 spaces; the updated plans show a minimum of 40 with parking in the rear that could be used by employees.

He said that the commission would need to consider the other businesses occupying the building.

Commissioner Erika Carrington said that the number of parking spaces is determined by regulations and not need.

“I would encourage you to go ahead,” Mr. Smith said of the application for a special exception.

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