WASHINGTON — The Board of Selectmen, meeting Wednesday, December 23, reappointed Susan Payne and Diane Dupuis to the Conservation Commission.

Selectmen also reappointed Christian Macdonald as an alternate to the Conservation Commission.

They reappointed Phyllis Mills to the Historic District Commission, Lisa Lundberg and Shane Mongar to the Housing Commission, Sheila Anson and C.J. Kersten to the Parks and Recreation Commission, and Wayne Hileman to the Planning Commission.

Finally, they reappointed Shane Mongar as an alternate to the Planning Commission.

Selectman Jay Hubelbank thanked them and all other volunteers who serve on the town’s boards and commissions.

In his report to the board, First Selectman Jim Brinton discussed Covid-19, noting he can’t wait until that topic is no longer on the agenda.

He said case numbers are on the rise, promised to put out the best information possible and urged people to stay at home.

Noting the storm that was expected from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, Mr. Brinton said he would anticipate flooded basements and roads and some power outages.

He noted that utility and public works employees would not attempt to address issues until winds fall below 30 mph in order to keep safe work conditions.

Referring to the work of the Sustainability Committee, Mr. Hubelbank said he’d heard from Sustainable CT, learning that there might be funding for solar power projects. “I’ll bring some more information.”

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