WASHINGTON — The Board of Finance, meeting Monday, September 12, approved a request to spend $3,250 for a feasibility study that would survey property per the request of the Housing Commission.

The site might be a viable location for affordable housing so that young individuals and families as well as seniors could live in Washington.

The board members also reviewed the reports provided by the tax collector and treasurer.

During the discussion, board members noted that the state’s unclaimed property list can be reviewed at ctbiglist.com and residents can search to discover if the state is holding unclaimed property program.

These properties are remitted to the Connecticut Office of the Treasurer by business entities after the business loses contact with a customer for a period of three to five years.

First Selectman Jim Brinton expressed frustration with delays at the transfer station.

Delivery of materials is delayed but pricing will not change since it is set by contract.

The town locked in its fuel prices during the first week of September, agreeing to pay $4.14 per gallon for heating oil, $3.41 per gallon for mid-grade gasoline and $4.24 per gallon for diesel fuel.

Mr. Brinton said the town does not purchase propane through the consortium that was used to purchase the other fuels.

In other business, the board discussed how it would fill any vacancy.

The procedure is for the board to look for candidates on its own prior to asking the Board of Selectmen for assistance.

Mr. Brinton said the selectmen would work to fill a vacancy with a member of the same party.

The finance board could ask its alternates if they want to move up to a full position.

Before adjourning, the board approved additional funds to address the fact that the town assessor has recently retired.

Mr. Brinton said Washington was lucky enough to find a qualified candidate, with the proper certifications.

The interim assessor is expected to leave in June 2023 and will not qualify for the pension.

The assistant assessor is still studying for her own certifications and the clerk will remain in place as the town approaches its revaluation.

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