SOUTHBURY — The Planning Commission, meeting Tuesday, June 16, unanimously approved a subdivision application at 1511 Kettletown Rd.

During the May meeting, the commission had agreed with the applicant’s representative that an additional driveway could be placed adjacent to the existing driveway on the state road.

The project calls for only one driveway to service three lots to lessen land disturbance.

Per the commission’s request, the resolution suspended requirements for the additional driveway, thereby making one driveway more environmentally practicable.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the commission also accepted an application at 336 Old Waterbury Rd. for a 14-unit, multi-family dwelling as a set-aside development under the state’s affordable housing statute and set a public hearing for September 15.

In other business, the commission modified an approval to eliminate the requirement for bonding for common driveways at Highland Estates and then released a $65,000 letter of credit bond.

Members of the commission expressed their gratitude for background information regarding the applicable statute.

Later in the meeting, the commission reviewed the regulations pertaining to guard rails, specifically those for new subdivisions.

Commissiomers considered updating the regulation to remove the requirements for a specific type of railing — Merritt Parkway guardrails — to be used when a development abuts an historic area.

They noted that plans would come to the commission for approval and be considered on an individual basis, but the regulations would be important as guidelines for town employees.

The commissioners discussed the need for specifications describing a maintenance plan for guardrails before scheduling a public hearing to solicit feedback on the regulations for October 20.

The commission also scheduled an informational meeting regarding the pedestrian study, deciding on September as when they would present the final information to town officials.

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