OXFORD – Police report that Rebecca J. Dixon, 35, of Blue Ridge Terrace was arrested on Tuesday, October 13, and charged with second-degree manslaughter in connection to the accidental death of her one-year-old son who was exposed to fentanyl, morphine and cocaine.

Police said that on July 6 around 2 p.m., Ms. Dixon called 911 to report her son was unresponsive. After being transported to Griffin Hospital in Derby, the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival, according to affidavit. Doctors told police there were no signs of life for approximately 70 minutes.

Ms. Dixon’s mother, Barbara Dixon, told police on July 6 that her daughter called out from work due to staying up late the night before and the child had been acting fussy. Ms. Dixon took her son into her bedroom in the morning where they remained until the afternoon.

Barbara Dixon stated that around 1 p.m. she heard Rebecca Dixon call out and she found the child laying face up on the bed with no signs of life.

The affidavit details Ms. Dixon and her mother’s attempted CPR and called 911. Rebecca Dixon informed officers she had a prescription for Xanax for anxiety and had taken one around 8:30 a.m. that morning. During the scene processing, the van unit discovered evidence of recent narcotics usage.

Paraphernalia and empty packaging reportedly were uncovered in various locations in the bedroom, including the nightstand. A homemade glass smoking pipe was discovered in a partially opened top drawer, according to the affidavit, with burnt residue and small pieces of apparently used plastic baggies consistent with cocaine base usage.

A clear plastic baggie that contained other items, including six empty glassine envelopes stamped with “skittles,” was found in the trashcan, the affidavit reported. The envelopes were consistent with illicit opiate use and a hollow tube from a disposable ink pen was found on the nightstand. One end of the tube was roughly cut, consistent with similarly seen instruments used to insufflate narcotics.

The North Haven Police Department released information there was an overdose victim where Narcan was administered where four bags of heroin stamped as “skittles” were found at the scene. They stated the bags may have been cut with fentanyl or other harmful products, according to affidavit.

Police said that when Rebecca Dixon was pressed about heroin use, she admitted she and her husband, Eric Depalma, are users. She stated she did not use heroin the morning of the victim’s death, but the night before.

On September 9, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner contacted the Police Department labeling the victim’s manner of death as a homicide with the cause being acute intoxication due to combined effects of fentanyl, morphine and recent cocaine exposure.

On September 10, toxicology analysts reported that Ms. Dixon’s blood count in July contained more than six different controlled substances. The police also examined 75 pages of the child’s medical records provided by Children’s Medical Associates via search warrant, which revealed that the child was born with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

The syndrome occurs when a newborn is exposed to opioid drugs for a length of time while in the mother’s womb and displays symptoms of withdrawal. Medical records revealed Ms. Dixon’s giving inconsistent statements on medication and drug-use.

Ms. Dixon will enter a plea on 10 a.m. November 6 at Milford Superior Court on the manslaughter second degree. Her bond was set at $75,000.

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