BETHLEHEM — The Board of Selectmen approved tax refunds, a road encroachment permit and set a time and date for a Town Meeting in its meeting Tuesday, September 3.

The board scheduled a Special Town Meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, September 19 in Memorial Hall, 10 Veterans Way.

The meeting will cover the appropriations of no more than $36,000 for the ADA improvements at Town Hall and Memorial Hall, for First Selectman Leonard Assard to execute a lease agreement for an AT&T cell tower to be built, increasing the fees for violation of ordinances, considering the changes to the ordinance concerning the discharge or firearms amended at a Town Meeting Wednesday, February 20, and clarification of the application fees for the Inland Wetlands Agency.

The board approved $728.56 in 11 tax returns, making a joke that they give away more money than they take in.

The board approved a $1,000 bond with conditions from Public Works Director John Zarrella, to protect the edge of the road in a road encroachment permit for Michelle Smith, 68 Kasson Rd.

The board approved the minutes of the meeting Tuesday, August 20.

Carol Ann Brown, secretary for the Region 14 Board of Education, thanked Mr. Assard for attending the morning convocation for new teachers and staff.

Ms. Brown, chairman of the Historic District Commission, recognized the hard work and money put into planting the flowerbeds around the gazebo on the south end of the Green.

She thanked Brian O’Neil, who brought out water to water the new flowers, on what Ms. Brown said to have been an extremely hot day, and has continued to water the flowers.

Ms. Brown was pleased with the outreach for the flower beds and the gazebo. “The joy of a small town,” she said.

Gary Testa, 96 Todd Hill Rd., said he is upset with the new expansions of Newport Academy.

Mr. Testa brought pictures of the construction of a wooden outline for a security guard shack, with a window facing his property.

“We no longer will be able to have backyard family water balloon fights, Sunday BBQ, or Saturday night family fires without worrying who is peering into our lives,” said Mr. Testa.

He drew the board’s attention to the amount of light pollution Newport Academy gives off.

“As far as I know the 98 Todd Hill campus isn’t open, yet we have blaring lights that shine through the trees all night long,” he said.

Mr. Testa said he had previously spoken with Mr. Assard, and that the lights dimmed for about two weeks.

He said the light pollution is now brighter than before.

Mr. Testa drew attention to the fugitive dust that the Newport Academy driveway kicks up and blows into the neighboring houses.

“Last weekend, we had to move my son’s birthday party inside due to the dust from the driveway. We could not risk being out there due to my son having severe asthma,” said Mr. Testa.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has launched an investigation into the fugitive dust.

The board approved the minutes of the meeting Tuesday, August 20.

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