WOODBURY — The Inland Wetlands Agency discussed pending applications and a new application for land remediation at its meeting on Monday, October 28.

Doug Rose was present for the new application for 39 Soucy Rd. land remediation following the removal of a 1,000-gallon oil tank that had been leaking for “quite some time.”

Mr. Rose said the tank was removed as soon as the property managers realized it was leaking. They alerted Chairman Mary Tyrell who gave the go-ahead to remove the tank and alerted Fire Department Chief Janet Morgan.

Mr. Rose said he surmises that the tank was hit by a plow which led to the spillage. He said his team dug about a foot down and found oil and water.

Over the next few weeks, Mr. Rose said they will continue to remove the contaminated dirt until they believe it is no longer contaminated and send a sample to a lab to be tested. He will return to the agency’s next meeting for a follow-up report.

Mr. Rose said the owners of the house have passed away and representatives found the leaking tank before selling the house to a new buyer.

The board approved an application from David Vieau, 760 Washington Rd., to remove two sheds and two barns from his property and pave the area.

Matt Czaplicki, representing the applicant, gave the board the approximate location of the dumpsters that would be used.

The board stipulated that since the work is being done after the Tuesday, October 15, date, the Land Use staff will have to view the site to make sure the land is adequately stabilized once the work is completed.

Mr. Czaplicki was told the resident needed to comply with the two-week waiting period and then notify the Land Use office two days before construction.

Zachary Lessard, 83 Park Rd., was present for the review of his application to convert his deck into a dining room for his home.

He said he was “basically, just taking an 12 by 18 part of my deck and building walls and a roof over it.”

Agency members told Mr. Lessard he needed to submit a written withdrawal of his application to have the fee that he paid returned to him since there will be no impact to the ground or wetlands.

Member Ernest Werner called the refund “a little stocking stuffer from the Inland Wetlands Commission.”

Agency members asked for more detailed information regarding an application from Frances Taggett, 13 Edward Ave., to deepen and slightly enlarge a pond on the property. The applicant was not present at the meeting.

They asked for information such as how much material would be removed, the boundaries of the proposed expansion, etc.

Members noted that they have a draft approval, but need the detailed information for the record to move forward in the process.

During the privilege of the floor, Andreana Davis, 6784 Middle Road Turnpike, asked multiple questions about the Dollar General construction site.

Ms. Davis asked about the implementation of sediment control and an invasive species program to assure a minimal impact to the wetlands as a condition to the approval of construction.

She then asked about the storm water management system.

Ms. Tyrell said she would check with land use and the Dollar General to make sure each program was being implemented.

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