First Selectman Candidate: Boritz Seeking Southbury Post

Rich Boritz

SOUTHBURY — Rich Boritz, running on the Democratic ticket for Southbury first selectman on November 5 of this year, has lived in Heritage Village since 2013. 

“I have dedicated my life to my teaching and military careers, and to public service,” he told Voices. “These experiences have taught me how to be a connected and caring friend, a loyal subordinate, a trustworthy colleague, a supportive supervisor and an effective leader.

“My abilities to listen and learn, to influence individuals, guide small teams and lead large organizations make me uniquely qualified to serve as first selectman.” 

Mr. Boritz and his wife moved to Heritage Village in 2013 and he volunteered as campaign manager for Ed Edelson’s 2013 campaign. Mr. Edelson lost to Jeffrey Manville, who is now running for a third term on November 5. 

But first came his 38-year teaching career in Stamford, as a public school media specialist for seven years at the high school level and 31 years at the elementary school level. 

His 22 summers in National Guard service set him on the course that influences much of his life today. 

“I learned how to contribute to the success of a larger group mission,” he said, “the value of group cohesion, the binding effect of shared sacrifice and the importance of taking care of the welfare of the troops.” 

After retiring from the Guard he found other ways to continue local community involvement which included serving on Newtown’s Parks and Rec Commission. 

After moving to Heritage Village, he lost no time in serving community interests on the Long Range Planning and the Human Resources Committees.

He is is secretary of the  Southbury Democratic Town Committee and president of the the Heritage Village Democratic Club, from whence he reports that enrollment has increased and the community has become more cohesive and involved. 

Born and  raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. Boritz has lived, worked and volunteered in Connecticut for most of his adult life. 

He aims to bring an effective leadership style to the job of first selectman, engaging and empowering people to take on challenges. 

“While working to preserve all that is good about our town,” he said, “I will promote an inviting climate that attracts new residents and businesses to Southbury, enhancing the lives of those who already live and work here.”

Voting for the Tuesday, November 5, municipal election is from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the usual polling places.

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