WOODBURY — The Board of Fire Commissioners received reports, discussed the Woodlake fire and thanked Deputy Chief William Garms for his service at its meeting on Thursday, June 20.

Fire Marshal Janet Morgan gave the fire marshal’s report.

“It’s been a really, really busy month with the high school, Evergreen Inn and Turnbridge,” Ms. Morgan said. “Other than that, nothing too bad except for the structure fire that we’re dealing with right now. We’re still investigating that, and its [cause is] still undetermined at this point.”

Ms. Morgan also gave the fire chief’s report.

The department responded to 34 incidents in May with an average response of 7 firefighters per incident.

There were nine rescue and emergency calls, 12 hazardous conditions, nine false alarms, two service calls and two fires.

Ms. Morgan said that the Woodbury Fire Department was working with the Southbury Fire Department on O&G’s solar panel installation. She said that while the property was in Woodbury, Southbury would likely be the first responders if an incident occurred at the quarry.

“Except for the structure fire, it’s been a really, really quiet month,” she said.

Ms. Morgan told the board that the fire department got the call at 8:10 p.m. Thursday, June 13, and firefighter Steve Cunningham, who lives in Woodlake, was able to update the department in about two minutes.

The department called for Southbury’s aerial truck at 8:25 p.m. and Woodbury’s engine eight arrived at 8:27 p.m., prepared to do operations.

Southbury’s aerial truck started operations at 8:50 p.m.

She explained the Woodbury Fire Department called for mutual aid almost immediately, thanks to Mr. Cunningham’s updates. However, they waited to call the aerial unit until they were sure there was room for it.

“Between all that time, our trucks were all there and we were putting water on it,” Ms. Morgan said.

Mr. Garms thanked Woodlake residents, who cleared cars from parking lots near the fire as soon as they were asked to make room for the fire engines and the aerial.

“[The firefighters] held it to the main unit and the two roof-lines of the two separate units,” Ms. Morgan said. “Everybody who has gone there can’t believe the stop that was made.”

“On behalf of the Board of Fire Commissioners, kudos to everyone who was there,” Chair James Arndt said.

Mr. Garms gave the deputy chief’s report.

He said the Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue would meet with the department and discuss their abilities and equipment on Tuesday, June 25. He also said the Woodbury Fire Department would join the Bethlehem Fire Department for a live burn drill on Sunday, June 30.

“We’re coming into summer and the drills will not start in earnest until September,” Mr. Garms said.

The board also thanked Mr. Garms for his service as deputy chief. This was Mr. Garms’ last meeting as the deputy chief, as he did not seek reelection. David Lampart will be the new deputy chief.

“[Mr. Garms] put up with a lot this year, and he stepped up to the plate a lot,” Ms. Morgan said. “I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did and make sure you knew we appreciated everything you’ve done.”

Ms. Morgan presented Mr. Garms with a decorative fire hydrant as a thank you from the department.

“It was an honor, I enjoyed it. It was great,” Mr. Garms said.

In other news, Ms. Morgan announced the results of the fire department elections that occurred on Wednesday, June 12.

Kurt Gengengbach was elected captain of the Orenaug Fire Company. Mr. Cunningham was elected first lieutenant and Mark Mastrangelo was elected second lieutenant.

Corey Shaker was elected captain of the Hotchkissville Fire Company. Andy Heavens was elected first lieutenant and Chris Start was elected second lieutenant.

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