SEYMOUR — The Board of Finance held a public hearing to elicit feedback on the 2020-21 budget.

The meeting took place in a virtual environment.

Two comments had been received from taxpayers and were read into the record.

Resident Frederick B. Stanek noted his place on the Seymour Board of Education in his letter, stating, “In January of this year, I voted against the proposed Board of Education budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year because the board asked for an increase of 3.58 percent over its 2019-20 budget. I commented to the Board of Education that I thought the requested increase was too high. I understand that you have reduced the increase requested by the Board of Education from 3.5 percent to a 1.5 percent increase.”

He asked the board to reduce spending on the town side to lower the mil rate to below its current 36 mills.

Resident Steve Muricchio asked a series of questions and, after they were read into the record, First Selectman Kurt Miller told the finance board that he had discussed Mr. Murcurio’s questions with him earlier in the day. “I think he got most of the answers he was looking for.”

Chair Bill Sawicki noted that the mil rate has been same as has been for the past five years at 36 mils and would expect services to decrease if the rate were lowered significantly.

Board of Finance member Paul Wetowitz wished there was more feedback on the budget and suggested several cuts to the budget, including some of the education costs, a police vehicle, leaving a vacant position unfilled and $50,000 from the tree budget.

Mr. Sawicki said the cars had been removed from the budget in earlier discussions.

He added that the town is running on a skeleton staff and if someone falls ill, there could be a serious issue and he believes the Board of Education has presented a responsible budget.

Any funds unspent, such as if the position remains unfilled or the education budget produces a surplus at the end of the year, such funds go to the general fund.

The finance board will formally vote on the budget during its May 26 meeting.

The full budget is available on the town web site at

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