MIDDLEBURY — The state Department of Transportation is planning to widen and reconstruct a portion of Route 64, from approximately 500 feet west of Ferndale Road to the I-84 eastbound on ramp, and a portion of Route 63 from 200 feet south of Woodside Avenue to 600 feet north of Richardson Drive.

There will be a new Chase Parkway Extension from the intersection of Route 63 and Woodside Avenue to the intersection of Route 64 and Chase Parkway for a total of approximately 10,000 linear feet.

The purpose of the project is to address safety and operational concerns as the DOT notes there are significant traffic delays and crash frequency at the end of the exit 17 off ramp.

The latest 2015-2019 crash data indicates that there were 66 reported crashes within the project limits, including 18 crashes resulting in injuries.

The majority of reported crashes were rear-end collisions; no fatalities were recorded during this period.

The proposed improvements include modifying the off-ramp, installing a new traffic signal, constructing the new two-way connector or Chase Parkway Extension, and adding a southbound lane on Route 63.

There will also be a new westbound lane on Route 64 and a new Park and Ride facility with extensions to the existing greenway.

The current project schedule would start construction in spring of 2022 and end three years later at an estimated cost of $29 million.

Funding will come from federal sources at 80 percent and state sources at 20 percent.

During construction, the DOT expects to maintain full access to driveways and local roads.

A segment of Route 64 between its intersection with Route 63 and its intersection with Chase Parkway will be closed to through traffic during construction and traffic will be directed to the new roadway called Chase Parkway Extension.

All traffic signals in this project will be operational at all times.

According to the DOT, there are right-of-way impacts associated with the proposed improvements to allow for roadway construction, slope easements, drainage rights of way, and grading and driveway construction.

Two total and 13 partial acquisitions are anticipated.

Documents describing the project are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at the DOT Engineering Office, 2800 Berlin Tpke., Newington.

Project Manager Sebastian A. Cannamela, P.E., told Voices that the DOT has meet with town officials and individual property owners and that feedback has been favorable. “The formal comment period has ended but we are always open to input.”

Questions or statements may be mailed to Susan M. Libatique, P.E., Transportation Principal Engineer Consultant Design-Highways Roads, Connecticut Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 317546, Newington, Connecticut 06131-7546 or emailed to Susan.Libatique@CT.gov.

This project has been labeled State Project No. 0080-0128. 

A virtual tour of the project is available at vtour.123bim.com/AADT/.

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