WOODBURY — The Inland Wetlands Agency discussed pending applications, including an oil tank removal, at its meeting on Tuesday, November 12.

Doug Rose, who presented the application at the agency’s Monday, October 28, meeting, for 39 Soucy Rd., land remediation following the removal of a 1,000-gallon oil tank that had been leaking for “quite some time,” was not present last Tuesday.

Mr. Rose said he surmises the tank was hit by a plow which led to the spillage. He said his team dug about a foot down and found oil and water.

Agency members on November 12, discussed the depth of the oil spill and how much material was being removed. According to the minutes, Chairman Mary Tyrrell was under the impression the application would be approved.

The agency agreed to classify the oil tank removal as summary and approved the application with the condition that agency members be provided with a final report summarizing the remediation and how much material was removed in total.

The agency spoke to Robert Taggett regarding an application for 13 Edward Ave., to deepen and slightly enlarge a pond on the property.

Agency members asked for more detailed information on the application at their October 28 meeting, including how much material would be removed, the boundaries of the proposed expansion, etc.

Members noted at that time that they have a draft approval, but need the detailed information for the record to move forward in the process. 

That information had not been received by last Tuesday’s meeting, when the agency told Mr. Taggett to come back to the next meeting with information regarding how much material will be removed, the final depth of the pond, where dewatering materials would be stockpiled and other important information crucial to documentation.

Mr. Taggett agreed and was informed that he may need to file for an extension on his application if the material is not submitted soon.

The agency accepted the 2020 meeting schedule.

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