WOODBURY — A meeting of the Public Building Commission on Wednesday, March 11, focused on Parks and Recreation facilities.

Specifically, the committee focused on the Parks and Recreation House building, the maintenance/office facility at Three Rivers Park and a proposed new maintenance building at the Hollow.

Chairman Stan Love and Commissioners Robert DeLuca and George Messier agreed they did not feel the slab at the Hollow could be used as a foundation for a proposed new building.

The four-inch surface was not thick enough for the proposed use and the building should have footings. They expressed doubt that a new building could be constructed for the $187,000 that had been suggested.

Mr. Love said he also felt that both the Three Rivers building and the Park and Recreation House were structurally sound and viable to be refurbished. Renovating those two buildings might be less costly in the long term.

If the town were to decide to continue using the Three Rivers building, it may need to dig a well to provide water instead of the current practice of sharing a well with a neighbor.

The town would also have to update the building and bring it up to code if any renovation is done. That would likely include installing a half bathroom.

The town might also wish to consider creating a new driveway, although that could be problematic as the building is in a flood plain.

If the Parks and Recreation Department needs a place to keep equipment at Hollow Park, a smaller equipment shed could be constructed in addition to the upgrade of the Three Rivers building. The two together might still cost less than a new maintenance building at the Hollow.

The Parks and Recreation building has several issues that would need to be addressed if it remains in use. The Historic District Commission is currently pursuing a grant that would fund a structural study of the building.

One obvious issue is the sagging of the second floor, something that occurred when a weight-bearing beam was removed to open up space on the first floor. That second floor can no longer be used.

Mr. Messier suggested the town could install an I-beam to shore up the second floor.

First Selectman Barbara Perkinson, present at the meeting, said the building also needs to be made ADA-compliant and brought up to current building codes if any renovations are done.

It was agreed that the commission would take another look at the Three Rivers building with Fire Marshal Janet Morgan, Building Official Gary Testa, Parks and Recreation Director Jenifer Miller and parks maintenance supervisor Michael Lodice present to give input.

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