BETHLEHEM-WOODBURY — The Region 14 Board of Education elected officers, made appointments and discussed miscellaneous business at its meeting on Monday, July 1.

Janet Morgan was re-elected as board chair. Pam Zmek was elected as vice chair. Carol Ann Brown was re-elected as secretary. George Bauer was re-elected as assistant secretary and treasurer.

“Congratulations to the newly elected,” Ms. Morgan said.

“Back at you,” said Mr. Bauer.

Superintendent Joseph Olzacki, Ed.D., said Holly Wrenn will be the interim principal at Mitchell Elementary School.

The board appointed Karen Daley as the board clerk. Ms. Daley will replace Natascha Schwartz as both the board clerk and the the superintendent’s administrative assistant.

Ms. Schwartz is now the human resources secretary for the region.

Andrea Needleman, M.D., was appointed the school physician. James Bauer, DMD, was appointed the school dentist.

The board unanimously ratified the agreement between the Board of Education and the Nonnewaug Instructional Support Union through June 2022 and authorized the board chair to sign the agreement.

The board discussed the hiring search for a new director of teaching and learning.

Dr. Olzacki said he wanted to open the job description up to candidates without the 092 intermediate administration certificate.

The 092 certifies administrators to assess teacher performance, a task traditionally done by principals.

“I want to see who’s out there, and I think we’re limited by 092,” he said.

Dr. Olzacki said he wanted to find an individual who previously worked with curriculum and who would cheerlead the new curriculum previous Director of Teaching and Learning Michael Rafferty wrote.

He suggested the position could be tweaked to a “coordinator” rather than “director” to avoid the 092 requirement, noting that other school districts in the state had various curriculum development positions with and without the 092.

Dr. Olzacki added he would not disqualify applicants with a 092, and suggested the region could train an applicant into someone who would best suit the region.

Ms. Morgan requested board members write down what they hope to see in the new curriculum director and send it to Dr. Olzacki, so he could compile board comments into guiding documents.

Dr. Olzacki said the region’s office summer hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. Fridays will be off.

“This is a fund-saving measure,” Dr. Olzacki said, noting the lights and air conditioning units will be switched off for an extra day.

“According to the Eversource gentlemen I met with, we should see some substantial savings. And it’s a benefit for the staff,” he said.

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