BETHLEHEM — The Board of Selectmen authorized the first selectman to sign the resident state trooper contract, made a reappointment and heard from the public at its Tuesday, July 2, meeting.

“It’s a three-year contract,” First Selectman Leonard Assard said, noting the contract requires yearly renewal.

Mr. Assard added the town already approved the budget, which has money set aside for the resident state trooper contract.

Approval was unanimous.

The board unanimously reappointed Nancy Stein to the town’s Conservation Commission with a term ending July 2022.

Selectman David Deakin, Jr., clarified with resident and Board of Education member Carol Ann Brown a legal advertisement for a general contractor needed for Nonnewaug High School’s agriscience building.

Ms. Brown said the general contractor needed has nothing to do with the region’s renovation project. The agriscience department won a state grant to build a horse rink, and it needs a general contractor for that project.

Mr. Assard updated residents about the monster truck-driving track that opened on Crane Hollow Road.

Mr. Assard said the owner, Tom Beck, spoke with him and would try to schedule corporate events on Fridays and make Saturdays the principal day. He said Mr. Beck would try to schedule only overflow appointments on Sundays and leave Sunday mornings free.

“They’re going to try to eliminate Sunday mornings all together,” Mr. Assard said.

Mr. Assard noted that Mr. Beck planned to try to consolidate scheduling to leave one weekend entirely free.

“He’s trying to accommodate people to some degree,” he said.

Mr. Assard added the resident state trooper parked on the lot next to the track when the track was operating and heard only a low rumble sound.

“[The trooper] said that the noise was not offensive to him,” Mr. Assard said.

Mr. Beck spoke with Voices on Wednesday, July 3, and said, “we want to be around for a long time and support the community.”

At the board meeting, Mr. Beck noted he donated a ride to the firemen’s raffle in hopes it raises funds for the department.

“I think the absence of people from that neighborhood tonight says something, too,” Mr. Deakin said.

In other news, selectmen amended the special meeting minutes from April 2, 2018.

The minutes read the selectmen approved a contract for lawn mowing. The amendment notes the contract could be a three-year term, but reflects the board’s intention of renewing it yearly.

Mr. Assard said, “I move that we amend the April 2, 2018, minutes to read: to award the lawn maintenance bid to Haeley LLC, the award may be renewed yearly up to a total of three years at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen.”

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