Christopher William Jennings

Christopher William Jennings

OXFORD — Christopher William Jennings was born on Wednesday, March 6, 1996.

Christopher came into this world strong and beautiful like the winds of March. As he grew, not only was he strong, but very quick witted and so very handsome. As a child, Christopher was an altar boy at St. Michael’s Church in Beacon Falls. He was a fantastic boy who grew into an even better man.

All his family is so proud of the man Christopher became. He was brilliant, compassionate, talented, full of life and love. Christopher loved making things. He has made beautiful intricate pieces of jewelry and his talent in carpentry was unparallelled. He was very detail-oriented and everything he did, he did to perfection.

Christopher attended The Sound School in New Haven and graduated in 2014. He loved the outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking and dogs. He won several fishing competitions as a young boy. He loved to read books. There were so many books he loved.

Cooking was one of Christopher’s passions. Some of his favorite things were spicy food, hot sauce and ghost pepper cheese. He also believed in living healthy and he loved to grow his garden full of tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, peppers and herbs. His favorite herbs were oregano and thyme.

Christopher was an amazing and loving son and brother. He was also a husband and a father-to-be. He was so excited about his unborn child and would have been the world’s best father. He had big plans for the future and had just landed his dream job in carpentry. He was to begin his new job five days after he was killed by a careless, selfish and irresponsible person in Woodstock, Va., who was driving the wrong way at a very high rate of speed and slammed into him head-on just two minutes from his home on Thursday September 3, 2020. Christopher was only 24 years old.

He was a bright, kind soul whose life was cut way too short and he was robbed of the amazing life he had planned and deserved.

Christopher leaves behind both of his parents, Clifford William and MaryAnne Jennings; his three brothers, Steven Jennings, 30, Gregory Jennings, 27, David Jennings 22; his paternal grandparents, Clifford E. Jennings, 94, and Marie Jennings, 91. Saddest of all Christopher leaves behind the wife he loved so very much, Sofia Jennings, 19, and their unborn daughter, Davina Alani AnneMarie Jennings, who is due to be born December 1, 2020.

Christopher and Sofia had plans of having several children together. Now that will never happen. They were each other’s everything. They should have had a lifetime together.

Christopher will be missed more than words could ever do justice. There is a gaping hole in all of his family’s hearts and in all of their lives. We miss you. We love you. Until we see you again in Heaven, XOXO.

Services are planned at St. Michael’s Parish in Beacon Falls.

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