WOODBURY — Fire Chief Janet B. Morgan announced that the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department responded to 345 call-outs in 2021; they responded to 386 call-outs in 2020.

She explained, “We had fewer residential fires in 2021 but motor vehicle accidents, sadly many with injuries, were at the same level as the year before.”

Chief Morgan praised department members for their willingness to respond fully equipped and ready to deal with emergencies at the rate of almost one a day.

“These members of the community leave work or jump from dinner at home or get out of bed in the middle of the night to deal with fire and rescue situations. I cannot say thank-you often enough. We train and train and we hope you don’t need us. But if you do, we are there.”

House fires last year numbered 13, including two major structure fires and two burning meals on kitchen stoves.

There were 18 structure runs in 2020.

Of the 79 rescue call-outs for motor vehicle accidents in the year, 19 dealt with injuries.

In several cases, heavy rescue gear had was used to tear cars apart to remove victims.

In other sectors, Chief Morgan singled out 32 runs to deal with downed power lines and five brushfires last year.

“It’s difficult to have an exact comparison with 2020,” Chief Morgan noted. “New software breaks our statistics apart with more precision and in different categories than previously.”

For example, out of 45 different response categories, there are four different listings for types of alarms from smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

There was one animal rescue, one successful search for a briefly missing child, and help for one person locked out.

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