WMS Capstone Team First Place Winner

Woodbury Middle School students (from left) Max Wolff, Rachael Hungerford, Jade DeLeo, Ethan Moshier, Jack Rubacha and Isabela Phillips earned first-place honors in the Middle School Challenge at Connecticut’s Expo Fest with their product De-Scent It.

WOODBURY — Members of the Woodbury Middle School eighth-grade Capstone team earned first place honors in the Middle School Challenge at Connecticut’s Expo Fest on June 2 at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford. Students Max Wolff, Jack Rubacha, Ethan Moshier, Julia Pape, Isabella Phillips, Rachael Hungerford, Jade DeLeo, Sophia Dmitriyeva and Annie Woodward were part of the winning team for the category. The students attended the event and made the pitch to the judges for their product, De-Scent It, an anti-microbial bag liner.

The entire De-Scent It team also included Hamza Asipi, Dylan Chung, Aiden Cooper, Eric Delauries, Andrew Greene, Alex Nicholas, Ryan Shugrue-Kirby and Ben Stewart.

The team of students in Aimee Shuhart’s Capstone class worked on their product and the pitch all year. The challenge given to students for the Expo Fest was to create and implement a new physical or digital product, service, artifact or community action campaign that addresses the event’s theme.

They were tasked with the following: Identify a problem that will be addressed by the project idea; investigate the topic via research, development, experiment or testing method and data analysis; develop an innovative solution that addresses the problem; demonstrate application of the solution with experimentation and/or prototype and showcase the project via a professional exhibition booth and presentation at Expo Fest.

Team projects were judged by academia and professionals. De-Scent It was the team chosen for the event. The event is the culminating experience for a year’s worth of hard work and innovation by middle and high school students from across the state.

Those seeking additional information may visit https://sites.google.com/ctreg14.org/de-scent-it-wmscapstone/home

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