SOUTHBURY — First Selectman Jeffrey Manville last week sent an email to town residents.

“Over the past weekend, I experienced symptoms of Covid-19. I immediately began isolating in my home and scheduled a test for Monday morning at Physician One Urgent Care. I received the positive results of the test during the Board of Selectmen meeting [on Thursday, November 19].

“Although feeling much better, I will continue to self-isolate and work remotely until I am cleared to return to Town Hall. Barbara and I wish to express our gratitude to all that reached out to me during this stressful time.

“Thanksgiving will be much different this year. My hope is that everyone will maintain high spirits during this difficult time. I know first-hand it will not be easy to cancel plans with your family. My daughter and her husband will not be able to attend our family holiday feast this year, but will have a virtual seat at our table. This decision was tough, but the right one for our family.”

Expressing hope with the news regarding a potential vaccine, Mr. Manville asked residents to to remain vigilant against this virus for family, friends and community. “I urge all Southburians to prioritize the health and safety of our community as we enter into the holiday season. Please stay safe and well.”

Southbury Town Hall will be closed to the public for the remainder of the year.  

Town Hall will be staffed, but residents are asked to contact specific town departments by phone or email for assistance, rather than visiting Town Hall in person. 

Additional mitigation measures are in effect for specific departments in order to assist the public if there is a need to meet in-person.

Residents are reminded to wear masks, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing. 

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