Woodbury Lions Club to Conduct Food Drive

WOODBURY — The Woodbury Lions Club will conduct a food drive to assist the Woodbury Community Services Council Food Bank. The Covid 19 pandemic has put unprecedented pressures on this vital resource, and the Lions are asking the people of Woodbury to help them assist the Food Bank. The drive will take place from 9 a.m. to noon Sunday, May 31, at the Woodbury Post Office, 1 Washington Ave. A separate lane will be marked off for donations.

Critically needed items include soups, especially broths, chowders, minestrone, vegetable, chicken combo and beef combo; canned mixed vegetables; canned carrots; canned peas; canned spinach; juice bottles and juice boxes/pouches; paper towels and napkins; toilet paper and facial tissues; fruit cups; instant pudding mix and pudding cups; boxed plain potatoes, boxed flavored potatoes and canned potatoes;

Also, Jell-o; peanut butter and jellies/jams; canned chili; canned pork and beans; canned hash; canned beef stew; canned kidney beans; brownie and cake mixes; quick bread and muffin mixes; pancake/waffle mixes and syrup; regular, half-caf and decaf ground coffee, instant regular and decaf coffee and black, green and decaf teas; ketchup, mustard, mayo and salad dressings; cooking oil (vegetable, canola, corn and olive); dish detergent; laundry detergent; toothpaste; shampoo and conditioner; bar soaps and body wash.

Donations of sanitizing wipes and sanitizing liquid to maintain a clean and safe environment for food bank staff to prepare assistance packages are also appreciated.

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