November 11 in Woodbury: Watson Climate Forum Speaker

Environmental Advocate Greg Watson

WOODBURY — Environmental advocate Greg Watson will speak on the topic of Environment, Equity and Climate: Tools for Systemic Change at the next session of the Greater Woodbury Environmental Forum, 7 p.m. Monday, November 11, at the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society, 214 Main St. South. The event is open to all. Greg Watson currently works at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics in Great Barrington as director of Policy and Systems Design.

“The Forum organizers are thrilled to have someone with Greg’s experience,” said Michael Lang, chair of the Green Sanctuary Committee at MUUS. “He has been engaged in the field where he has put theory to practice as well as a manager in Massachusetts government where he has implemented effective policies that have become recognized nationally. His talk complements the three prior forums that have been held this year.”

The first forum was with Roger Kuhn of Citizens Climate Lobby who spoke about the bi-partisan legislation to create an Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. In the second forum, internationally known author Frances Moor Lappe, who wrote “Diet for a Small Planet” spoke about the political response to climate change.

Most recently, the Reverend Fred Small gave an inspiring talk called “Climate Justice, Climate Peace” that focused on our individual response to the threats from the rise in greenhouse gases, some of which are playing out today in waves of forced migration and destruction of devastating natural events.

Mr. Watson has been at the cutting edge of sustainable community theory and practice for the last four decades in various management roles in Massachusetts, including commissioner of Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources, director of the New Alchemy Institute, director of The Nature Conservancy Eastern Regional Office and first director of Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

He was a member of president-elect Barack Obama’s Department of Energy Transition Team.

In response to challenges of discovering and implementing environmentally sound approaches to meeting basic needs of food, energy and shelter, Mr. Watson has responded with creativity and integrity and applying systems thinking to build interactive networks and collaborative strategies involving the widest range of stakeholders.

He has recently been asked to lead a new effort to promote Buckminster Fuller’s World Game Workshops on behalf of the Global Systems Literacy Project of the Schumacher Center (

He serves on the board of directors of Ocean Arks International and the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture.

The event is free of charge, although good will donations will be accepted. Light refreshments will be served courtesy of New Morning Market.

The Greater Woodbury Environmental Forum is made possible by a grant from the Connecticut Community Foundation and through the work of the volunteers on the Green Sanctuary Committee of the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society.

The society shares space with First Congregational Church; parking is in the LaBonne’s Market parking lot.

Those seeking additional information may visit

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