Move a Schoolhouse Plans Told

The Oxford Historical Society has planned a fundraiser to restore Mr. Munn’s School. Those interested may make a donation by purchasing a $5 card that can be made in the honor of an educator.

OXFORD — The Oxford Historical Society has planned a fundraiser titled, Honor an Educator; Move a Schoolhouse, which offers families and friends of Oxford children to recognize the teachers who shaped their lives while making a contribution towards moving and restoring Mr. Munn’s School.

Currently sited on Oxford Road and built in 1850, the building served as a private boys’ boarding school for several years, then became a public high school for older students.

The historical society plans to preserve the schoolhouse by relocating it to stand near the Twitchell-Rowland Homestead Museum at 60 Towner Ln. in the summer and restoring it.

Once renovated, it will be used to offer Oxford students the real life experience of a day in a one-room school as part of the third-grade curriculum.

Those making a donation of $5 to the project will receive a notecard decorated with a photo of the Munn School to send to the educator being honored.

Inside is a place to inscribe the teacher’s name and a message that a contribution has been made in his or her honor.

Those interested may purchase cards in the town clerk’s office during regular business hours or at Twitchell-Rowland Homestead Museum open houses from 2 to 4 p.m. on the first and third Sundays of each month. Forms to buy cards by mail are available online at

Those seeking additional information may call 203-888-0230.

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