WOODBURY — The following property transfers were recorded in the town clerk’s office during June.

Danny R. and Lisa R. Goncalves to Kathleen Snyder, 99 Flanders Rd., $330,000.

Kenneth R. and Tracy M. Capozzi to Marc S. Hankey, 157 Westwood Rd., $800,000.

Stephen Dayton to Kevin Albino and Nicole Kurbash, 24 Saw Pit Hill Rd., $277,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Marcela E. Ordonez, 52 Scuppo Rd., $185,000.

Robert W. Ward, trustee, to David R. Cole, Jr., 250 Good Hill Rd., $255,000.

Sandra S. and John L. Cox, co-trustees, to Victor Gjelaj, 21 Clubhouse Dr., $76,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Raymond Antonacci, 38 Ridgewood Rd. Ext., $289,900.

Robert Mark Ritter and Lynn Hellman-Ritter to Timothy A. Hotchner, 110 Whittlesey Rd., $460,000.

Lauren Imperioli to Domenick G. Dagostino and Corynn E. King, 113 Rail Tree Hill Rd., $379,000.

Mark Povermo to Crysal J. Benoit and Jared W. Chapman, 109 Flanders Rd., $435,000.

Estate of Louise Smith to Susan Beattie and Richard Earl Turner, 40 White Oak Rd., $180,000.

Richard and Joseph Thorne to Marita and Milton Corbett, Jr., 364 Hoop Pole Hill Rd., $390,000.

Flagpole Holdings LLC to Douglas M. and Heather D. McAllister, Lots 1 and 2, Church Hill Road, $150,000.

Timothy F. and Ksenia Viega to Stephen and Ashley M. Dayton, 512 Upper Grassy Hill Rd., $490,000.

Shirley Robinson to Michael D. Wrobel and Linda Enamorado-Padilla, 141 Tuttle Rd., $375,000.

Erica Nadia Gomez to Christina and Edson Reynolds, 10 Pilgrim Tr., Unit D-8, $55,000.

Daniel C. and Michelle N. Jackson to Richard C. and Sue E. Burmann, 70 Woodbury Hill, $320,000.

Michael F. and Gloria L. Russo to Colleen M. and Raymond R. Smith, III, 15 Saxony La., $385,000.

Deborah Kocher, trustee, to Michael A. Ortenberg and Roni M. Berg, 39 Applegate La., $390,000.

Institute of Professional Practice Inc. to Capgrow Holdings, 111 Rowley Rd., $285,000.

Aisling Meadows LLC to Jimmy Maldonado and Roberta D. Winters, 5 Stone Hollow Rd., $662,000.

Corbo Association Inc. to Stephanie Kristen Matto, 96 Owl Ridge, $705,000.

Robert A. Fiordelisi to Richard J. and Christy Lee DiBiase, 82 Bear Run, $450,000.

David V. Mirabilio to Alper D. Toydemir and Christopher R. Birkmann, 950 Washington Rd., $311,000.

Beau Maxwell to Hannah Nudell, 682 Middle Road Tkpe., $400,000.

Rose Heggland to Franck Dacosta, 9 Boxwood Ct., $115,000.

Steven B. and Sheila I. Stutsky to Edward C. and Peggy M. Small, 46 Steepleview La., $450,000.

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